Mine Clearance

Three major Explosive Clearance projects have been carried out in Turkey over the last 5 years by Landmine and Firing Test Field Clearance Experts within the MAY Global company. The projects were completed without problems. The cleaned areas were safely put into use as a living space for the citizens and proper field for industries. In these projects, our experts worked as planners and practitioners. The cleaning of the Firing Test Fields of ​​the Air Force Command, where the new airport terminal was built in Diyarbakir, is an example. Our teams have at least 20 years of military international experience and have international mine clearance certificates. Our teams are also supported by foreign field coordinators.


Mines, Bombs, Projectiles, Submunitions and any kind of Explosives

Traditionally, the systematic clearance of explosive hazards is grouped into two main categories: landmine clearance and battle-area (and/or Munitions Test Field) clearance. While the land-release principles are similar for both, the operational methodologies applied to each category are different. And our teams are well aware of this detail. Our teams have been assigned to real military conditions in many countries. They have repeatedly served in mine-blasting and military explosive cleansing. As May Global company, we also find solutions for the supply of equipment used in this area. We are able to provide new technology and technologically advanced EOD equipment for you under the guidance of the NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence (NATO EOD COE) standards.