About Us

MAY Global, a Foreign Trade Limited Company, with the approval of Ankara Chamber of Commerce, operates in a number of areas including Military Defense Systems, Weapons and Ammunition Trading, Aeronautics, Maintenance, Administration, Manufacturing and Education.

MAY Global continues to work with specialized manufacturers in the fields of Defense Industry and Aviation, which are located in America, Europe, and Asia, and marketing the products of these manufacturers to the customer portfolio and defense ministries around the world.

MAY GLOBAL is committed to the maintenance, management, modification and modernization of defense industry products, intervention tools and equipment for social events, production facilities, weapons and ammunition, aircraft and helicopter parts, land-based platforms and ammunition used by these systems in the best possible manner of commercial cooperation.

MAY Global LTD Company:
NCAGE Code: TG242
TRAC Number:4-17-670-6878-36



MAY Global is an ISO-9001:2015, ATO registered company.