MAY Global LTD


MAY Global, a Foreign Trade Limited Company, with the approval of Ankara Chamber of Commerce, operates in a number of areas including Military Defense Systems, Weapons and Ammunition Trading, Aeronautics, Maintenance, Administration, Consultancy, Manufacturing and Training.

Weapons, Air/Ground Launched Ammunition, Air Vehicles and Law Enforcement Equipment system and spare parts are primarily being traded by our company followed by Integrated Logistics Support.

  • Procurement Phase
  • Technical Training
  • Follow-on Support
  • Obsolescence
  • Modernization
  • Safe Disposal
  • Mine/UXO Clearance

  • Our company also acts as a reliable interface between the user and the supplier in the fields of mechanical production of “Defense Industry and Commercial” Products.

    Spare Munition
    Logistics General
    MAY Global LTD


    MAY Global is an ISO-9001:2015, registered company.