Together with our business partner company, we provide services in the design and manufacturing fields of Precision Casting, Engineering Services (design and manufacturing), various Mass Production Lines who are experts in the Defense Industry and Aviation Sector.

We have been serving and providing great support to Turkish Defense Industry (e.g. MKEK, Roketsan, Aselsan) providing sub assemblies to National Government Based Companies for many years.

Furthermore, the management staff of the company is highly experienced and qualified in engineering, design and production of various military and civil industry projects.

MK-82, 83, 84 General Purpose Aircraft Bomb
MK-82 Pre-Frag Aircraft Bomb
(Body and tail only-No explosive filling)

Chaff-Flare Case Aircraft
(Body only-No explosive filling)

Current Production* Capabilities;

  • MK-82 500 lb Aircraft Bomb Body, Tail Unit and other parts
  • MK-84 2000 lb Aircraft Bomb Body, Tail Unit and other parts
  • MK-82 500 lb Frag. Aircraft Bomb Body, Tail Unit and other parts
  • 40-70 m HE-PFF Ammo
  • 2,75 Mk-40 Mod-3 and Mk-4 Mod-10 Rocket Parts
  • 122 mm Artillery Rocket Parts
  • 37/38 mm Gas Gun
  • Water Disrupter
  • 81 mm Mortar parts
  • 60 mm Mortar parts
  • 120 mm Mortar parts
  • 105 mm Artillery Gun Barrel Parts
  • 155 mm Artillery Ammo Parts
  • 25 mm Anti-Aircraft Cartridge
  • 66 mm HAR System
  • Composite parts
  • 2000 lb Penetrationg Aircraft Bomb Body, Tail and other parts
  • 1 inch Signal Pistol and Signal Cartridge
  • Pistol Barretl and Body
  • 40 mm Grenade Launcher/Revolver
  • Chaff-Flare Cartridge Cases

*In Accordance With Government Permission
Our business partner company incorporate simultaneous production and assembling of large lots of Rockets, Aerial Bombs, Industry Products and other technologies.

We offer wide variety of its products to the customer and always ready to support your needs.

If you are interested in our proposal, we will be able to provide more detailed and commercial classified technical information.